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The competency models will be the nucleus for managing professional development and promotion of project managers

Because the project management has gained wide acceptance as a discipline, recruitment, placement, promotion and professional development of project managers, will be based on a comprehensive competency model. For these models to be effective must be specific according to each company. Competency models trace the behaviors needed for a project manager to be successful and take charge of larger projects and more complex.   2011/02/20

"Where there is a company of success, someone took sometime a breaf desition."

Many times I have attended conferences in which we talk about time management, we ourselves have used the term that, in the end, is a wrong term. It is not possible to manage time, it is an intangible that we cannot stop or put more here and less there. What we can do is manage our activities over time, manage ourselves.


The leadership skills will be the critical factor for successful project managers

Leadership skills such as critical thinking, effective communication and organizational change management, will be strategically important to master skills within project management. Not enough just to meet time and budget with a very precise approach to the triple constraint, but also the leadership that becomes a prerequisite for the success of a project manager.


No industry will escape the war for talent for a project manager

The intelligent management of talent and retention strategies will be essential to guard against poaching in the 2011. Although economic recovery has been uneven throughout the world, the project managers for greater mobility and experience have the best opportunities for professional growth through appointments abroad. In particular India and China continue to be affected by the shortage of competent project managers and experienced to manage large and complex projects and IT infrastructure.   2011/02/20

The fast will be seen for what it is ... and is not

Organizations hosting project management approaches and agile software development continue to grow as they face the challenges of proving the existence of return on investment (ROI) obtained by the adoption of agile. They will have to disabuse their stakeholders and executives from the expectations set by IT consultants, media and the vendor community that agile methodologies are the next "silver bullet." Organizations that do well, including selection of appropriate projects to develop agility, get meaningful rewards.   2011/02/20

The informal learning for project managers gain momentum

Organizations continue to develop and exploit informal learning techniques such as communities of practice, various forms of media, as well as guidance and mentoring. With the millennium generation in large numbers joining the workforce, all will witness the most effective use of social learning technologies and other methods such as wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other forms of communication. With four generations gathered today in the labor market, not just those of the millennium will benefit from these relatively newly ways of learning. However, the Zen Koan big question is: If the informal learning becomes formal "it will be really formal?. If the answer is yes, then seek to formalize more informal learning?.   2011/02/20