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Welcome to my website

The creation of this website PL Solutions, is let me know and have a presence in the network that is Internet. This page will be constantly changing phases until having the largest number of contents related to the world of new technologies and in particular logistics and operational activities in the management of SMEs, in which I spent my time and knowledges in the last 10 years.

One of the objectives of the web is to offer services or support activities that need to be optimized to improve the quality of service, integrating and optimizing processes in the areas of the company (administration, production, sales , purchasing, storage, distribution and marketing).

Analysis services are based on the design or redesign, development and implementation of those processes in SMEs in the supply chain and in the technology related to the computerization of documents created.

My difference is the expertise and coordination of these functions directly, by managing supply operations, warehousing and distribution of goods and services and the control exercised over purchasing, sales, warehousing, distribution, customs services and outsourcing marketing, and participating in the implementation of ERP software vendors, including its ERP CTI SOFT SPYRO.

The analysis service includes processes to assess the diagnosis, identifying the needs posed by the company from all levels of command and thus defining the proposed work, the necessary resources to make investments in infrastructure or service , training of personnel and the estimated time to carry out the plan defined. As a second procedure to follow would reach the finer detail of the first point of diagnosis, which requires a detailed assessment of the indicators, which will result in the control panel on how processes evolve in real time. And finally, we follow up with staff to resolve issues or questions during the implementation period.

To make an effective and efficient consulting, I have the help of the direction of the company and its middle managers important and necessary step to understand the interaction and relationship between their departments and thus achieve the fullest possible integration in the information flow of the processes involved. This step is a prerequisite to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented by the company and work on these premises for the presentation of the audit plan and its corresponding value.

I am also willing to collaborate on projects in third, where the company does not have on staff in a timely manner with qualified personnel to carry out the activity as a communicator of needs.

And to conclude this presentation, it is extremely vital to the fulfillment of the agreement by both parties and especially the customer is satisfied with the service provided at a reasonable cost. I would like to thank you for your interest in visiting the web. For any information you can contact through the email