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  • Good solutions for Your Business

    Effectiveness and innovation to achieve their goals through solutions in the supply process, using information technology as a differentiator

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  • Differents services for your business

    Consulting, design, development and implementation of supply processes and web application services

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Why choose me?

Because I am involved from the outset in the development of the activity.

My view is a neutral and objective at all times to find a possible solution to the issue. Because I offer answers to questions that every day do not leaves time to analyze and solve. Because there isn't dependency and can end our professional relationship at any time without penalty. Once finished the job in question, do not requires more


Useful tutorials

Processes and functions associated with planning, organizing and project development.

Most tools that exist today in the network are many, but wanted to share those that I find useful and I used to my work and professional development are of great use when creating and designing a project and to optimize any process better results or simply to reduce time and errors. read more

Welcome to my website

The creation of this website PL Solutions, is let me know and have a presence in the network that is Internet. This page will be constantly changing phases until having the largest number of contents related to the world of new technologies and in particular logistics and operational activities in the management of SMEs, in which I spent my time and knowledges in the last 10 years.... read more

Lastest news

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My services

I offer services to enterpreneurs and companies in most time and cost efective manner possible. My services helps businesses to achieve their objetives using the right technologies and resources.

I'm offering long and short term consulting options. However, I requiere a 90 days minimum commitment just because are many strategies and tactics to implement. more