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Design and implementation of web structure. Barcelona Activa. (210 hours). 2010 to 2010. Barcelona
Expertise to develop graphical interfaces with which to request, access and publish data and content securely and efficiently, using the PHP programming language at an advanced level and access to MySQL DB, skills and Frame Zend MVC (Model View Controller) and Google tools and basics of SEO. Escuchar Leer fonéticamente

Web server installation and safety. Barcelona Activa. (40 hours). 2010 to 2010. Barcelona
Safe design and Web application programming, design of the structure of a Web application, Web services, introduction to the basic administration of Linux operating systems, implementation and maintenance of Apache servers.

Basic and advanced accounting. Barcelona Activa. (250 hours). 2009 to 2009. Barcelona

Assistant Master of Business Administration. SEFED. (644 hours). 2009 to 2009. Barcelona
Simulation of management practices and practice English through the organization Leonardo da Vinci (Education and Culture DG) in Southern Ireland, during a stay of 1 month.
Applying marketing techniques in marketing, special offers and catalogs.
Foreign Trade Incoterms, displacement of cargo and container transportation documents CMR, B / L, AWB, Multimodal, calculation of noli and other transport, border management EX SAD, SAD IM, customs debt, tariffs, VAT and other taxes.
Registration, control, monitoring and accounting of vendor invoices, customers and domestic and foreign suppliers, forecast payments and receipts, bank: bank picking, collecting remittances, payment by check and transfers, fiscal management, calculation, filing, payment and seats of VAT, income tax, Form 347, obtain balances: balance sheet, income statement, balance sheet amounts and balances.
staffing resources
Internal Document Management: File clerk, payroll preparation, payroll with incidents, calculation of clearance and compensation, seats and conventions, management of external documents: registration, deletion and modification of data TA1 - TA2 and contracts, listing Social Security: Calculation contribution base, contribution rates and bonus shares. Presentation, payment and seats TC1 - TC2. Venture relationship with: SOC, Social Security and tax office.
English Language
Identification of relevant vocabulary of administrative documents commonly used in a business, business vocabulary and business English, drafting documents commonly used in a company and conversation flowing.

DB management and administration of Oracle 11i (70 hours) 2009 - 2009. Barcelona

Negotiation skills. 2006 to 2006. CP Foment Barcelona.
The negotiations at present, basic elements of the negotiation, psychological aspects of trading, common barriers for effective negotiation and how to eliminate, conflict resolution, effective strategies to improve the effectiveness of the negotiator on the other parties, cultural differences in the negotiation, persuasion, negotiation stages, types of negotiation, case studies and simulation.

Analyst Programmer. Net BIT Institute from 2006 to 2006. Barcelona.
Programming and computer skills - HTML and DHTML - JavaScript Language-SQL, SQL Server, Database - Visual, Object Orientation,, Win Forms, - Java, J2EE - EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans ), RMI, XML, Web Services - Structured analysis and object-oriented UML, Global Vision, structured approach, implementation - Project course.

Administration and MS SQL Server programming. News Horizons Academy from 2001 to 2001. Barcelona.
Programming a MS SQL database Server 2000 MOC 2073 Manage a database MS SQL Server 2000 MOC 2072

Mastering Distributed Application Development. News Horizons Academy from 2001 to 2001. Barcelona.
MOC MS Visual Basic MS Visual Basic 1016 and 1013 MOC

Comunicacions, xarxes i serveis Internet. Acadèmia Bit (84 hores) 2000 - 2000. Barcelona.

Management Master Programmer Analyst. BIT Institute. (280 hours) from 1998 to 1999. Barcelona.
Programming and computer skills - MS SQL Server and Language V. Basic 6.0. Design skills: Data processing. - Standardization of Data Bases.